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1. The woman is young. (F ) 2. The boy does not tell her the time. (F ) 3. The woman gets up early. (T ) 4. The train comes in thr afternoon. (T ) 5. The woman knows the time at last. ( T) . The woman gets to the station at B i...

chinese boy videos 中国男孩视频 如有帮助请采纳

就像女士们先生们用Ladies and gentlemen.一样, 男孩儿女孩儿们最好用,Girls and boys.或 Boys and girls 百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答

歌曲的名字是:Boy & Girl =================================== I am a boy and you are a girl I am a boy and you are a girl I am a boy and you are a girl Do you want to be my friend I am a girl and you are a boy I am a girl and yo...

BOY男生 GIRL女生 句子意思男生们以及女生们


阅读短文,根据要求完成下面各小题。 Hi, dear boys and girls! Do you know how to be a healthy kid? Here are some rules you should follow. First, eat different foods, especially fruit and vegetables. (3) You may have a favourite f...

没有这样写的了! --- You are a girl and a boy. ---- Are you a girl or a boy?


boy and girl: welcome 男孩和女孩:欢迎

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