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use to 用...来做某事 He uses a knife to cut. used to do 过去常常做某事 He used to live in London. be used to do 被用作做某事 Knives are used to cut food. 被动语态 be used to doing 习惯做某事 I'm not used to eating so much at lu...

【used to do sth】和【be used to do sth】 ①used to do 过去常常(表示现在不再) eg: I used to swim in the lake near my village when I was young. ②be used to do 被用于。。。=④be used for sth./doing sth. eg: Wood can be used to ma...

used to表示过去常常做某事. 例句: I used to play football after school.过去我常常在放学后踢球. be used to do的意思是被用来做某事;be used to doing的意思是习惯于做某事. be used to 被用来做 used to + do:"过去常常"表示过去习惯性的...

两者都表示用…做某事,to do sth表示目的,for doing sth表示用途.

动词分为“主动词”和“助动词”两种。而主动词又分为六种词形变化(以use为例):一般现在时(use),第三人称单数(uses),过去时(used),分词(-ed分词),进行体(using)以及不定式(to use). 1.第一人称,第二人称以及第三人称复数用在一般现在时(I,we,y...

use A to do B 汉语意思是:用A去做B。 use A for B 汉语意思是:把A 用于B。

应该是be used to do和 be used to doing。看意思。 be used to do:被用来干什么。 be used to doing:习惯于干什么。

两者都表示用…做某事,to do sth表示目的,for doing sth表示用途。二者意思基本相同 eg.I use my pen to write a letter. I use my pen for writing a letter.


use sth to do sth用……做…… be used to sth/doing sth习惯于做某事 used to do sth过去常常做…… We can use MSN___(talk)with each other on Internet. 我们能用MSN在网上聊天

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