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usE sth to Do sth造句

I use pencil to finish my homework.

理论上两者都可以互换,但是有时表达一些抽象的概念时不可以 例:do my homework with his help就不可以转换成use his help to do my homework 希望采纳,谢谢!!!!!!o(∩_∩)o

use sth to do 和use sth for doing 的区别: 两者都表示用…做某事,to do sth表示目的,for doing sth表示用途.二者意思基本相同 eg.I use my pen to write a letter.I use my pen for writing a letter.

bed is used to sleepI am used to eating gumI use soap to wash clothes

He often helps me to learn English.

是,最好是use sth to do sth/use sth for sth,如People there used the grass for medicine.那儿的人们用这种草当药。People there used the grass to cure the disease.那儿的人用这种药治玻

He didn't use to stay out late.

Amy didn't use to go home by bike.

You did not use it to cut the apple

I didn't use to go home on footI didn't use to go home by busI didn't use to go home by taxi

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