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usE sth to Do sth造句

use sth to do sth造句 We use knives to cut food. 翻译:我们使用刀具切食物

use sth to do sth 用某物来做某事 we use the water to clean the car. 我们用水清洗汽车。


We talk about our study.

use sth to do 和use sth for doing 的区别: 两者都表示用…做某事,to do sth表示目的,for doing sth表示用途.二者意思基本相同 eg.I use my pen to write a letter.I use my pen for writing a letter.

对比分析下面三个短语,你就很清楚啦! use sth. to do 用某物做某事,此处"to do”是修饰"use sth."整体的,做目的状语; ask sb. to do叫某人做某事,"sb."与"to do"存在逻辑上的主谓关系,故"to do"用作宾语补足语: sth. to eat可以吃的东西...

i didn't use to play basketball

Amy didn't use to go home by bike.

I didn't use to go home on footI didn't use to go home by busI didn't use to go home by taxi

I used to live in the university. 我以前住在学校。(意思就是现在不住那了。)

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