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tAkE out是什么意思及用法

拿出去 take your dick out 把你的**拿出去 take your tongue out 把你的舌头拿出去 take your finger out 把你的手指拿出去 take the stick out 把棒棒拿出去 take that baby out of me 把孩子从我身上拿出去

及物动词 vt. 1.拿,取;握,抱 She took his outstretched hand. 她握住他伸出的手。 She took a piece of paper and began to write a letter. 她拿了一张纸,开始写起信来。 2.拿走,取走;夺取,占领;抓,捕;吸引 The airport had been taken by day...

take up doing 开始做;开始做某事 set out on doing 着手做, 意思是一样的,用法区别:take up是口语用法,相对比较随意,set out on是书面语用法,相对比较正规; 举例一: Remember, the best mentors are busy people, and they may be oppo...

take out vt.扣除,除去,取出 把…带出去;邀请(某人)外出 若宾语是名词,则紧跟在out后面。如take it out,take out the book please. 代词就放中间 it them都代词 就放中间 如果是名词就放后面

有的。take sb out doing sth 带某人去做某事

In the end it was more than he could bear

"Can I take he books out of the reading room?", he asks. He asked whether he could take the books out of the reading room. 这个句子里表示请求或允许。当然解释成可能性也未尝不可,有没有可能把书。。。,也就是想知道允不允许

put out 1. 撵走,赶走,逐出;开除;使(球员等)退场: If you can't be quiet,I'll put you out. 2. 熄灭;扑灭;关掉: Please put the light out when you leave the room. 离开房间时请把灯关掉。 3. [美国英语]花钱;贷(款)给某人: Banks ...

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