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Santa Claus [英][ˈsæntə klɔ:z][美][ˈsæntəˌklɔz] n. 圣诞老人; 双语例句 1 For many families, Christmas Eve also marks the late-night arrival of Santa Claus. 对于许多家庭来说,平安夜也...

santa为简称,全名为 中文名: 圣诞老人 外文名: Santa Claus

词典结果: Santa Claus [英][ˈsæntə klɔ:z][美][ˈsæntəˌklɔz] n.圣诞老人; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. You can sleep at the hostel rudolf or hotel santa claus. 想休息了,又可以去鲁道夫...

Santa Claus [英][ˈsæntə klɔ:z][美][ˈsæntəˌklɔz] n. 圣诞老人; Santa Claus at home excited of say: this is I have seen the most tolerant of the kids. 圣诞老人在家激动的说:这是我见过得...

Santa Claus [英][ˈsæntə klɔ:z][美][ˈsæntəˌklɔz] n. 圣诞老人; 网络 圣诞老公公;

SantaClaus 圣诞老人;

The Origins of Santa Claus 圣诞老人的来历 As winter rolls around again this year and the days become chillier, millions of people around the world will break out their winter coats and look forward with anticipation to the appr...

Santa Claus is a very old man who is said to live at the North pole .He is really fat,always in red,and loves to laugh.He works hard all the year round to make gifts and brings them to children at Christmas time.


Here Comes Santa Claus 歌手:Bob Dylan 所属专辑:The Complete Album Collection Vol.1 Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, 这里是这里是圣诞老人,圣诞老人, Right down Santa Claus lane 圣诞老人弄下来 Vixen and Blitzen ...

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