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reached down 伸手;俯下去 双语例句 1 He sat in a kitchen chair, reached down and pulled off his boots. 他坐到厨房的椅子上,俯身脱掉了靴子。 2 The policeman reached down and petted the wolfhound. 警察伸手抚摸那只猎狼犬。 3 He re...


Hunger came to his stomach; an icy hand reached down his throat and clutched his intestines and tied them into a cold, tight knot that ached. 饥饿降临他的肠胃;一只冰冷的手伸进他的喉咙,攥住他的肠子,把它们结成一个又冷又紧、阵...

And you feel like falling down 若你已感觉到身体无力时 I'll carry you ...We've reached the climax 我们之间已经到了最高点 As long as you love me...

“她手脚着地倒着爬到岩壁边上,脚伸下去,然后转身坐在地上。” 所谓rock wall-岩壁,应该是类似悬崖边上,这样的情景就能说得通了。

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