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pAy Cuts是什么意思?

pay cut 英[pei kʌt] 美[pe kʌt] [词典] [经] 工资削减; [例句]Should my co-workers and I accept a pay cut to preserve our jobs? 我和我的同事们是否应该接受减薪以保住我们的工作呢?

to take a pay cut 采取支付削减 例句: 1.The city already has asked some public workers to take a pay cut, and delayedfilling several high-level positions, such as economic development director, to saveon labor costs, Kirksey sa...

practice 英[ˈpræktɪs] 美[ˈpræktɪs] n. 实践; 练习; 惯例; (医生或律师的) 业务; vi. 练习; 实习;...

降薪 [词典] pay cuts; pay cut [例句] 1、“Many workers are experiencing wage freezes and taking pay cuts to keep their jobs, one of the ...

http://www.kuwo.cn/yinyue/1237374/ 是这个么?

B? 考查句子间的逻辑关系。or rather更确切地说;or else否则;even so虽然如此;if so假如这样的话。第二个分句表示说话人的一种威胁,因此空白处应填or else。知识拓展 固定短语的用法是近年来高考试题的必考内容之一。as far as,now that,as...

B 主语是this kind of paper cut spend,pay和pay for必须是人

D .这是一个对话。 -真不好意思,我打烂这个窗。 -我想你得赔。 A、寻找 B、拿回来 C.切碎 D.赔偿

we might start seeing more across-the-board pay cuts.谢谢 作业不会,学霸帮你 立即下载 满意回答 across the board意为including all Rocksuzhou | 2009-09...

A 短语辨析。 A.切断;中断 B.停止;关掉 C.切碎 D.消减。句意:请尽快的付煤气费,否则煤气要断了。选A。

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