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pAy Cut中文是什么意思

pay cut 英[pei kʌt] 美[pe kʌt] [词典] [经] 工资削减; [例句]Should my co-workers and I accept a pay cut to preserve our jobs? 我和我的同事们是否应该接受减薪以保住我们的工作呢?

to take a pay cut 采取支付削减 例句: 1.The city already has asked some public workers to take a pay cut, and delayedfilling several high-level positions, such as economic development director, to saveon labor costs, Kirksey sa...

survey cut----减少调查 Survey Cut Target Variable Pay---减少目标薪酬浮动调查 满意请采纳

降薪 [词典] pay cuts; pay cut [例句] 1、“Many workers are experiencing wage freezes and taking pay cuts to keep their jobs, one of the ...

练习实践的英文:Practice and Practice 一、practice 读法英 ['præktɪs] 美 ['præktɪs] 1、作名词的意思是: 实践;练习...

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