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in the past few years和in the last few years 属于 【近义短语,一般可替换使用,也没有多少用法差异。】 意思都是:在过去几年中。 用法:都要与完成时态搭配。 例如: In the past few years,there have been great changes in our city. 祝...

in the past few years 在过去的几年里 例子I've seen little of her in the past few weeks. 记住: in/over the past/last few years 都是现在完成时态的标志. Over the past few years all this has changed. 在过去的几年中这一切都改变了。

in the last few years 在最后几年里in the past few years 在过去的几年里 in the past few years 用于现在完成时态.例:In the past few years they have been dealing with quite a few international corporations successfully. 在过去的几...

11. of 12. do 13 that 14. unless 15. an 16. Moreover/ Furthermore 17. personal 18. there 19. to develop 20. from 略

在过去的两年里,用现在完成时 例如 In the past two years, fitness has become a fad. 过去2年来,健美已蔚为风尚 The famous writer______one new book in the past two years. [ ] A. is writing B. was writing C. wrote D. has written 正...

D 时间状语in the past fews years意思是“在过去的几年中”,即“截止到现在的几年中”,所以此句必须使用现在完成时.

that(everything后加that) in the past few years和over the past few years基本没什么区别

during the past years在过去几年中 during(在...期间)用现在完成时态

for the past years 是用在完成时的里,表示对于过去的几年。。。 而in the past years则可以用在一般的句子里,表示在过去的几年里。。。

1 the last few years 这五年中==since the last few years ago 。 又如: He has lived there in the last five years ==He has lived there for 5 years. He has lived there since 5 years ago. 2 the past five years 过去的五年-------用一...

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