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mAss noun 是什么意思啊

mass noun n.(名词) A noun, such as sand, oil, or honesty, that denotes a substance or concept indivisible into countable units and is preceded in English indefinite constructions by modifiers such as some or much rather than ...

mass noun 基本翻译 物质名词 网络释义 mass noun:物质名词|不可数名词 mass-abstract noun:抽象名词

cooking [ˈkukiŋ] n. 烹饪术 [mass noun]the process of preparing food by heating it 烹调;烹饪 he developed an interest in cooking. 他对烹调产生了兴趣。 ■food that has been prepared in this way. 烹调过的食物 authentic I...

翻译如下 mass noun 物质名词的意思 例句 Used before a mass noun to indicate a single type or example. 用于物质名词前表示单一种类或事例。

mass noun集体名词

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