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into thE wEst 歌词

into the west 歌词 Into the west Lay down 放下 your sweet and weary head 你甜蜜而疲倦的头 Night is falling, 夜已降临 you have come to journey's end. 你会去那旅程的尽头 Sleep now, 现在,睡吧 and dream of the ones who came before...

Into the west,可以翻译为“航向西方”,“远渡西方”等 佛罗多所去的地方,是中土西边大海外的“蒙福之地”阿门洲,那里是一处只有精灵船才能去的地方,是地图上不能找到其所在的神圣之地,可以理解为那个世界的天堂.阿门洲是众神居住的所在,佛罗多去那里...

歌词: Lay Down Your sweet and weary head Nighti s falling You have come to journey's end Sleep now Dream of the ones who came before They are calling From across a distant shore Why do you weep? What these tears upon your face?...


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