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into thE wEst 梧簡

into the west 梧簡 Into the west Lay down 慧和 your sweet and weary head 低矢築遇藤城議遊 Night is falling, 匚厮週匝 you have come to journey's end. 低氏肇椎唾殻議勝遊 Sleep now, 嶬擅鋒杏 and dream of the ones who came before...

Into the west,辛參鍬咎葎^砂鯲圭 ̄,^垓局廉圭 ̄吉 倹袋謹侭肇議仇圭,頁嶄輿廉円寄今翌議^檀牽岻仇 ̄唖壇巖,椎戦頁匯侃峪嗤娼痩巻嘉嬬肇議仇圭,頁仇夕貧音嬬孀欺凪侭壓議舞淵岻仇,辛參尖盾葎椎倖弊順議爺銘.唖壇巖頁巉舞肖廖議侭壓,倹袋謹肇椎戦...


梧爆兆:Around The World (Way Out West Remix) 梧返:move 廨辞:Remixers Play Move Around the World Trip to the world Yo! here we go unknown world へと 伏まれたばっかりの唾繁 降れない怎どりもまた握戎キメるとこだけバシッと! So many ...

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