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是固定口语表达。 意思是:你一切事情还好/顺利吗? 一切事情当然不止一件事情,所以用复数形式 things 没错埃

How are things going? 事情进行得如何? 双语对照 例句: 1. So how are things going with paul? 你和保罗交往得怎样? 2. A series of reports confirms how badly things are going there. 一系列的报道证实发展中国家的经济局势有多么糟糕。

how are things going?可直译为“事情进展的怎么样了?”. 例句; 1、How are things going in the sale's department these days? 最近业务部情况如何? 2、So how are things going with that new friend of yours? 你那位新朋友一切都还好吗? ...

How are things going? 是人名见面时常用的客套话,字面意思是 “事情进展的顺利吗”,相当于汉语的 “一切都好吗”。同义句是 Hiw is everything? How are you? How are getting on? 等。

how are things going 意思:事情进展如何 例句:1、How are things going? 日子过得怎么样? 2、How are things going with you and nathan? 你和nathan进展得怎么样了? 3、Jim: Me too! How are things going with you? 吉姆:我也是!你过的...

how are things going? 事情进展得怎么样? 双语例句 1 How are things going with you and nathan? 你和nathan进展得怎么样了? 2 How are things going? 日子过得怎么样?

C 试题分析:考查时态和介词用法。本句中的介词with no relatives in Guangzhou作为定语修饰The disabled。指那些在广州没有亲戚的残疾人。句意:—情况怎么样?—在广州没有亲戚的残疾人主旨被志愿者们照顾得很好,这些志愿者明年要从中山大学毕...

A 答案:A考查定语从句。句意为:——Janet,目前事情进展如何?——他们已开始着手处理这种值得立即关注的现状。分析句式可知:they think是插入语,先行词是(the present) situation,又因定语从句中缺少主语成分,故应用which来引导定语从句。注...

I am fine, thank you. Sorry to hear you misfortune, fortunately cold is annoying but not a serious illness, I am sure you will be as good as new very soon. In the mean time wrap up well and keep yourself warm. Don't forget to d...

问候的句子,意思是,你进来可好?=How are you?

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