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give me back my heart 歌手:lovett lyle 专辑:pontiac I'm a traveling man don't tie me down There's just too much living going all around A man he's got to see what he can see I love the road and I love the air And I don't worr...

歌曲名:Give Me Back My Heart 歌手:Jeff Rush 专辑:A Piece Of My Heart Backstreet Boys---Back To Your Heart Its not that I cant live without you Its just that I dont even want to try Every night I dream about you Ever since the d...

Give it back to me.意思是:把它还给我。 back to 后退到;回到 [网络短语] Back to 追溯到, 采回, 调回来 Back Door To Hell 通向地狱的后门 Go back back to 回不去也回不来 give 【读音】 英 [gɪv], 美 [ɡɪv] 【意思】 n. 弹性;...

give back to英 [ɡiv bæk tu:] 美 [ɡɪv bæk tu] [词典]归; [网络]回馈; 归还; 反馈; [例句]You saved my life and I want to give back to You. 你救了我的生命,我要用我的生命回报你。

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(愿上帝)保佑那些献血拯救生命的年青人。 祝福那些献血拯救生命的年青人。

歌名:A reason 歌手:shanice wilson 专辑:shanice I gave my all to you And you made it easy to fall in love I fell in love with someone You pretended to be Was too blind when I was with him Now I see, so Hook Don't you come bac...

没有return back 这种用法,return 是单独使用的,它本身已经包含了back的含义。 所以通常:return = give ..back

歌曲名:Live in my life 歌手:任性 专辑:绽放 I want you back in my life Want you back by my side cause thats where you belong I wont give you up I will never stop My love is much too strong I want you back in my life Want you bac...

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