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Eat healthily, 语法上当然是正确的,但是,语义上人们是在强调吃的东西是healthy的,而不是侧重于eat这个动作是怎样的。这种例子不多见,平时遇到记住就行了。语言是一直演变的,不要太纠结。Ps:

health是名词 food也是名词 修饰名词要用形容词

I like to have a healthy diet food. It is useful for me to eat healthy food. It offers me a lot of energy.We need to healthy food rather than junk food or fast food. Hamburgers and french fries are the common examples of junk f...



你好,可以Eat healthy food and eat better, you will be heathier.

选B原形后面加to need to do sth 但是题中need没加s可能出错了 “需要”need 的用法 一、作情态动词 1.need作情态动词无人称或数的变化, 后接动词原形,多用于否定句和疑问句中。如:You needn't worry.你不必担心。 2.由need引出的一般疑问句...


How to eat healthily? How to eat healthily is important for us.What and how should we eat to be healthy? First,we need to have enough food,never too much or too little.The food must be clean and we should cook it properly. Seco...

B food是不可数名词,所以用much,多吃 尽可能地多吃健康食品

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