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A horse is drinking water in the stream. 马在溪中饮水。 We drank to our success. 我们为我们的成功而干杯。 He made up his mind never to touch a drop of drink. 他决心不再喝酒。

1.Let's drink to love! 让我们为爱干杯! 2.Let's all drink to that! 大家都来喝咖啡吧! 3.And we shall drink to him. 我们应为他干一杯埃 4.Let's drink to his success. 让我们举杯祝贺他的成功。 5.Let's drink to our everlasting friend...

用eat,lose,gire,copy,read,drink,stand,draw,sit造句 I don 't eat any condiments. The trick begins to lose its impact. She is a girl Can I have a copy of your birth certificate ?" I am reading a novel. Can I drink your water? Don...

1.What day is it today ? 2.I am drawing a picture . 3.Would you like something to drink ? 4. What is the weather like there ? 5. When and where were you born ?

He drinks less and less milk every day.

He needed to have hair cut badly. 他的头发的确需要理了。 That was a close shave hurriedly. The car just missed that perambulator . 好险呀,汽车差一点撞到那辆婴儿车。 Does anyone mind if I eat my lunch thirstily here? 如果我在这...

被动语态由“助动词be+及物动词的过去分词”构成.人称、数和时态的变化是通过be的变化表现出来的. 一般现在时:am/is/are+drank 一般过去时:was/were+drank 一般将来时:will/shall be+drank 现在进行时:am/is/are being+drank 过去...

drink [driŋk] v. 喝,饮 n. 饮料,酒,喝酒 例句与用法: 1. Please give me a drink of water. 请给我点水喝。 2. We must drink to the health of the bride. 我们要为新娘的健康干杯。 3. He doesn't smoke or drink. 他不抽烟也不喝酒。

1. The boy is my younger brother. He was here a minute ago. (who) 2. The old man is a professor. He teaches chemistry in a college. (who) 3. Beijing Hotel is near Tian An Men Square. The foreign visitors live there. (where) 4. ...

My family went through a tough time three years ago. At that time, my father drank heavily until midnight and my mother cried all day, but we overcame all the difficulties at last anyway.

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