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DisCountED priCE是什么意思

discounted price 贴现价; 折扣价; 双语例句 1 These packages give you excellent advertisement at discounted price. 这些包以打折扣的价格给你极好的广告。 2 It is true that there is systematic change in discounted price, but it is n...


asset pricing model啊, 就是算你的future price. 你知道现在资产的价值(the initial price of all assets),算出它未来的price。 应该有一个rate,预计未来的price会减少,所以就是discounted future price. 也就是说这个rate应该是负的。


to be discounted to compile a Total Sub-Contract Price 要打折扣,以编制总合同价格

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