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DisCount priCE中文是什么意思

discount price 英[ˈdiskaunt prais] 美[ˈdɪsˌkaʊnt praɪs] [词典] 折扣价格; [例句]This is a discount price. 这曾经是打过折的价钱了。

discount折扣 We will give you 80% discont

Direct marketing advertising strategy Door-to-door sales can be divided into advertising and mail advertising two. Door-to-door promotions. Marketing personnel or stores is not the mass media advertising. But the instant the do...


打折销售 [词典] sale; on sales; discount price [例句] 1、A pair of jeans bought half-price in a sale. 打折时半价买的一条牛仔裤。 2、...

最低价再打65%折扣。 也就是最低价基础上的3.5折。

#include using namespace std; class salesman { public: salesman() { quantity=0; price=0; } static float average(); static void display(); void total(); void set(); private: static float discount; static float sum; static int n;...

是区分吗?Marked price是标价,selling price是售价,discount是打折,discount percent是折扣率。希望能帮到你~

字段的值超过其可输入的范围了,就像int(10),但是导入的数据中有超出范围的,可以把字段的类型改一下,比如改成bigint(50)等等。 举例如下图: 修改后不再报错: 扩展资料: 在指定数据类型的时候一般是采用从小原则,比如能用TINY INT的最好就...

From October 25, the unit price of all of the products in our store will be increased since we will no longer have discount with domestic dealer. We are really appologize for your unconvenience. Our price are absolutely substan...

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