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DisCount priCE中文是什么意思

discount price 英[ˈdiskaunt prais] 美[ˈdɪsˌkaʊnt praɪs] [词典] 折扣价格; [例句]This is a discount price. 这曾经是打过折的价钱了。


Direct marketing advertising strategy Door-to-door sales can be divided into advertising and mail advertising two. Door-to-door promotions. Marketing personnel or stores is not the mass media advertising. But the instant the do...

折让40% 应该是总价的六折出售!

100降价10%=90 100是降价10%之后的 原价大概111

gym five days,the annual card discount price 480 词典结果 gym five days,the annual card discount price 480 健身房五天,每年卡优惠价480

打折销售 [词典] sale; on sales; discount price [例句] 1、A pair of jeans bought half-price in a sale. 打折时半价买的一条牛仔裤。 2、...

是区分吗?Marked price是标价,selling price是售价,discount是打折,discount percent是折扣率。希望能帮到你~

#include using namespace std; class shop { public: shop(int q=0,double p=0):quantity(q),price(p){}; void total(); static float average(); static float sum; private: int quantity; double price; static double discount; static in...

commission: an amount of money paid to someone for selling something 佣金 discount: a reduction in the uaual price of something打折

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