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DEDiCAtE to Doing

1、dedicate to 把(时间、力量等)用在 ... be dedicated to致力于; 献身于 2、 区别如下: dedicate to 把(时间、力量等)用在 ... 例句:How much time should I dedicate to preparing for the exam? 我要花多少时间准备考试? Dedicate to your...

没错。 be dedicated to doing something:致力于

dedicate是“devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose ” 而devote是“give all or a large part of one's time or resources to (a person, activity, or cause) ” 可见devote意思更广泛,dedicate更多用于事业上的投...

含介词to的短语: A.动词短语: 1.abandon to:离/遗/抛弃 2.accommodate to:顺/适应 3.adapt to:适应 be adapted to 4 .admit to/be admitted to\into 承认/被......录取 5. adjust to:调节,使适应 6.apply to:应用 7.contibute to:贡献;撰稿...

有很多都是固定搭配, 有的be动词的话那又是一种。to do 是不定式,可用来做句子的主语,跟在实义动词后边做宾语或宾语补足语,be动词后做表语(将来时间结构),还可以跟在某些名词或形容词后做定语.在助动词或情态动词后要用do一起来构成复合谓语.

absorb oneself in sth./doing sth. devote oneself to sth. concentrate oneself on sth 1. to devote oneself to sth. 2. to dedicate oneself/sth to sth...


devote to do give(oneself,one's time,etc.)freely to,dedicate to 致力于;献身于 She has devoted herself to the medical science.她一直致力于医学研究。 contribute to 1.give(money or time)to;supply(written materials)to ...

look forward to doing sthperfer doing to doing

the key to做某事的关键 这里的to就是介词 后面要加doing 介词+名词/代词/动名词

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