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Count mE in什么意思

习语 count me in 的意思是 “我也算进去”, “让我也参加”, “我也要”, 。。。 count on me 的意思是 “靠我”, “依赖我”。 count me on 我倒没听过,即使有这个用法,也是非常规的。 下面举些 count me in 和 count on me 的例句: 1. Are you g...

count me in_翻译 count me in 算上我; 把我算在内; 算我一个; 算我一份; [例句]Please count me in on this project. 请把我也算入这项计划的参加者。

Count in 把…算在某一整体之内; 算上(某人) count on 依赖; 依靠;期望;指望 所以是count me in。

count on me 意为:相信我 ,依赖我。 count on 英 [kaunt ɔn] 美 [kaʊnt ɑn],依赖; 依靠; 期望; 指望。 例句: 1.I can always count on you to cheer me up. 你总能使我振作起来。 2. Don't count on Lillian. 别指望莉莲。 3. I'l...

let me count 让我数数 双语例句 1 Ow do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 我究竟怎样爱你?让我细数端详。 2 I am afraid not. Let me count. Mr. Read is not here. 恐怕还没有,让我数一数,里德先生不在。

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I'll sail the world to find you If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see, I'll be the light to guide you ... You'll always have my shoulder when you ...

Count On Me [词典] 依靠我(歌名); [例句]You can count on me to help in case of difficulty. 设有困难,当助一臂之力。

count with me,和我一起算; 跟我一起数; [例句] And you can count with me if you want, just count. 如果你愿意,可以跟着我数,跟着数就行了。 count with,计数。

count sb in:是指把某人算在内 例如: Don’t count him in. 别把他算进去 Please count me in for the barbecue this weekend. 这周末烧烤请把我算进去。 project:项目,设计,工程,计划 一般与on 连用 on the project:在这个项目 例如: Do...


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