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Count 后跟哪些介词

count as 把。。。视为。。。 count down 倒计时 count for 有价值,有重要性 count in 把我算在内 count on 指望,依靠 count out 不把。。。算在内 count up 把。。。加起来

from 从1到100

这里是介词。 (You/We should) Use "the" before a specific... 主语和情态动词被省略了;use是动词,也是谓语部分;the是宾语;before作介词连接后面的部分作为宾补成分。 before,作为副词,可以单独使用。例如,Before, I liked reading.(以...

好多= =|||。。。 i withdrew a lot of money ? the bank yesterday. i refuse to comment ? his work. the waiter's tip is included ? the bill. he congratulated me ? having got engaged. this warm coat will protect you ? the cold. did...

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