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ColD As iCE是什么意思?

像冰一样冷,表示非常冷 cold as ice 冰冷,很冷 冷酷无情

Ohh la da do La da la da da da da da do Yeah I've been on the run 我一直在跑路 slept under the sun 在阳光下进入梦乡 feeding off the clouds and eating them like ice cream 从云中汲取营养,就像吃着冰淇淋一样 I've been all around ...

歌曲:Cold as Ice(冰一样的刺冷) 演唱:Sarah Connor(莎拉蔻娜) 作词:Sarah Connor(莎拉蔻娜) 作曲:Sarah Connor(莎拉蔻娜) 歌词: I keeping watching you everything you do 我关注着你的一举一动 Every night I pray that you may...

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歌曲名:Cold As Ice 歌手:B.o.B. 专辑:No Genre B.O.B. - Cold As Ice Well me and her were the 2 Me and her were together like glue But we lived packed in a shack Just like the old lady who lived in a shoe And we really ain't know ...

你抛弃了我 ,心像冰一样寒冷

歌曲名:Cold As Ice 歌手:M.O.P. 专辑:Warriorz Tech N9ne - Cold As Ice He is cold as ice, He is cold as ice (Celcius) He is cold as ice, He is cold as ice (Celcius) He is cold as ice, He is cold as ice (Celcius) He is cold as ice...


您好,歌曲名:Cold as Ice(冰一样的刺冷)

王亚乔(Jasmine Wang) - Remain As Is Thinking of the rainy days 记得那些雨天 My tea is as cold as ice 手中的茶似冰般冷 You say remain, to be remained as is 你说我们不如顺其自然吧 For the good time used to be 曾共渡过的美好时光 S...

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