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C# linq 两个字段 排序

多个字段就是在原来的基础上再次排序,参考: var pn = (from m in (from m in blist orderby m.score descending select m) orderby m.year descending select m);

LINQ 按多个字段排序(orderby、thenby、Take) orderby 子句解析为 OrderBy()方法,orderby descending 子句解析为OrderBy Descending()方法: var racers = Formula1.GetChampions(). Where(r = > r.Country == "Brazil"). OrderByDescending(...

private static IEnumerable Sort(IEnumerable source, string propertyName, bool asc) { Func func = s => s.GetType().GetProperty(propertyName).GetValue(s, null); if (asc) return source.OrderBy(func); return source.OrderByDescendin...

var sorted=listUsers.OrderBy(x=>x.Age); foreach(user u in sorted) //这里已经是排序过的了

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var sta = from s in LocalEdM.rain_hour where s.rhTime > Starttime && s.rhTime p.prec),lon=g.FirstOrDefault().lon,lat=g.FirstOrDefault().lat };

var query=from p in DATA Oderby p.bool select p;

取第一个字母用 编码排序呢?

var result = Prj_dt.Where(a=>a.Type == 3).Join(Prj_dt.Where(a=>a.Type == 4),a=>new {a.JG_Target_Name1, a.JG_Target_Name2}, b=>new {b.JG_Target_Name1, b.JG_Target_Name2}, (a,b)=>new {Time=...});

var v = (from e in dts where e!=null select new { aa = Math.Abs((DateTime.Now - e.Value).Days), e.Value, }).OrderBy(h => h.aa).Select(h=>h.Value);

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