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BootstrAp CApACitors是什么意思了?

纯英文字典上的意思是a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on 也就是马丁靴后面的那个带子,穿靴子的时候拽着它好穿,我估计你是把意思理解岔了,不是好拿取,是好提一下靴子,就是穿靴子的时候拽一下顺着这个...

1.Bootstrap Capacitor Design To Drive High Voltage Floating MOSFET驱动高压浮动MOSFET的自举电容设计 2.The Simulation Analysis Of The Bootstrap Condenser SFunction In The Complementary Symmetrical Circuit Of Power Amplifier;互补...

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