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BE sAiD to hAvE DonE

前者是据说做某事 既然是据说 那就不一定是真的做了 也可能没做 后者是已经做了某事 祝好运

意思是,据说某人已经做过。。。 该句型测试类型有以下几种 1)基本用法; 9.Alex is said (B) by heart 2000 Chinese characters up to now. A.that he has learned B.to have learned C.to learn D.having learned 2) 在疑问句中考查; ...

提供几个实例,请注意括号内的时态,相信您会领悟到: 1、Someone says that she( works) as an actress. It is said that she works as an actress. She is said to work as an actress. 2、People say that he( has finished) wriiting a nove...

He is said to have gone to Beijing already. 据说他已经去了北京。 The book is said to have been written in his 40s. 据说这本书是他在40多岁时写的。

be said to do 据说 【表示已经做过的事】 have done 了结,做完,结束;现在完成时 【表示过去做的事对现在有影响】 不懂可以追问 希望采纳。谢谢 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What's done is done, ... 中文意思: 过去的就过去了, 说过的就说过了. 时间还在继续, 为更好的将来要不断努力.

据说某人已经做了某事 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

be said to do 据说 【表示已经做过的事】 be doing 做;现在进行时;表达当时的行动(状态) 【表示现在正在做的事】 have done 了结,做完,结束;现在完成时 【表示过去做的事对现在有影响】

歌名: When all is said and done 歌手: Trapt You have a chance to really shine now Well patience never was, one of your true virtues And stop trying to control everything And fuck what they say, what do you have to prove? So why...

what did he say that he has done? 他说他做了什么?

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