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BE ClosED to Doing

be close to 接近于……。the ship is now close to the coast. 船离海岸很近 be closed to do 应不是固定搭配,the door is closed to stop the sand storm. 门被关上以抵御沙尘暴。

be close to doing 要做 例句: 1. Pay close attention to what you're doing. 密切关注自己正在做什么。 2. What are governments doing to woo private-equity firms? 政府以何种动作来迎合私募股权企业呢?

be close to 固定短语搭配,意思是:接近于 be close to+名词His house is close to the factory. 他家靠近工厂。 be close to+人称代词(宾格) I find that I can't see the words clearly when the book is close to me. 我发现要是书离得很近...

be close to 意为靠近…… 后加什么人称都行,但必须是宾格,如me,him,her等 O(∩_∩)O

1) 动名词与不定式的区别: 动名词表达的是:状态,性质,心境,抽象,经常性,已发生的不定式表达的是:目的,结果,原因,具体,一次性,将发生的 2) 接不定式或动名词,意义相同. 3)在下列情况下,一般要用不定式: ①hate,like,love前有would(should)时...

是的 to是介词 所以后面可以接 doing

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