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BE ClosED to Doing

be close to:接近于…接近、靠近、亲近、临近 例句1:The top rate of income tax, including social-security contributions, will still be close to60%. 例句2:One of the reasons that your wife married you was because of her desire to...

be close to doing 要做 例句: 1. Pay close attention to what you're doing. 密切关注自己正在做什么。 2. What are governments doing to woo private-equity firms? 政府以何种动作来迎合私募股权企业呢?

接近于做某事 例如: However you have come close to doing so on more than one occasion. 然而,不止一次的场合中,你们已经接近这样做了。

是的 to是介词 所以后面可以接 doing

1. Yestoday,I staied with my father . 2. My parerants are looking forward to adopting a little pet. 3. Lili at the back of me doesn't come today. 4. I just want be close of you.

It is + no use,no good (fun,a great pleasure,a waste of time,a bore...)等名词+doing sth. It is no use crying.哭没有用.It is no good objecting.反对也没有用. It is a great fun playing football.打篮球很有趣. It is a waste of time...

close——be closed 12、lose——be lost 13、get to know——know 14、...to do、start doing的持续性表达是do,而stop doing的持续性表达是haven't/...

forget doing忘记做过某事(此事已做过或已发生) 2)stop to do 停止、中断(某...He hurried to the bank only to find/be told that it was closed. 他...

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