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做爱的时候女的对男的说的,oh,you are fucking animal!意思为噢,你真是一头做爱猛兽。在美剧性爱大师第一集里出现过


he's a fucking animal 翻译为: 他是一个禽兽。


I wanna fuck you like an animalI wanna feel you from the insideI wanna fuck you like an animalMy whole existence is flawedYou got me closer to God...

I'm A Criminal An Animal Caged Who Turned Crazed But How The Fuck You Sposed To Grow Up When You Weren't Raised So As I Got Older And I Got ...

歌曲名:fuckin' an animal 歌手:gwar 专辑:we kill everything Oh I am Fuckin' an animal I'm fuckin' an animal I'm holding on the horns I'm fuckin' an animal I'm involved with porn I'm fuckin' an animal Sure is nice and warm in her...

bad dog I just found out that I'm fucking with a bad dog But the beast in me she know how to train a bad dog Woof like a bad dog, sit ...

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