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1. The woman is young. (F ) 2. The boy does not tell her the time. (F ) 3. The woman gets up early. (T ) 4. The train comes in thr afternoon. (T ) 5. The woman knows the time at last. ( T) . The woman gets to the station at B i...

没有区别,意思是一样的,都是: 一个80岁的女人 很高兴为你解答,祝你学习进步!一刻永远523 为你解答~~ 如果你认可我的回答,请点击下面的【选为满意回答】按钮,谢谢~~ 如果还有其它问题,请另外向我求助,答题不易,敬请理解~~

你好 第一个是有语法错误的 我们一般是 The old woman is 80 years old或者 an 80-year-old woman


Older women 年纪较长的女士 拼音双语对照 双语例句 1 It was the older women and young mothers who sorted all the troublemakers out. 是那些年纪较长的女士和年轻的母亲们教训了所有那些捣蛋鬼。 2 Older women were more likely to prepar...



How old is the woman?

what did the old woman give to the poor man? 那老妇人给了穷人什么? The doctor promised that the medicine would ease the poor man of his headache. 医生保证这种药可以解除这个可怜人的头痛。


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