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找一首歌 开头是女声is thAt to you For 后边没听...

我猜楼主想听的歌其实是《dream it possible》,这是张靓颖的歌~ 你搜的应该是里面的那一段“Its not until you fall that you fly,When your dreams come alive you’re unstoppable”

dream it possible

Nothing' gonna change my love 高潮部分

歌曲: You 歌手: Mya 专辑: 《Moodring》 I didn't know you'd change my world around When you came into my life I found That what I've been searchin' for for years Is standing right in front of me Friend you were to me Whenever yo...

had written on his garden fence in large blue letters: This way to Rome,

Every girl?

Delacey-Dream It Possible 铃声的第一句就是。

这首英文歌的歌名应该是Dream it possible 那句歌词应该是:it's not until you fall that you flyDelacey - Dream it possible歌词:I will run, I will climb, I will soar I'm undefeatedJumping out of my skin, pull the chordYeah I belie...

high么?high就是它了。。 歌名。here with you 歌手。Asher Book To all my friends The night is young The music’s loud They playing our song Nowhere else that I belong Than here with you Than here with you Oh oh oh oh ~~~~~ Ain’t ...

我也在找,依稀记得那首歌的歌名像是pink,但是又一直找不到,那个是韩文歌还是什么,记得好像有I wanna to love love for you,I wanna to love love for you.....oh,my bo ..oh ..baby yooo hooo I wanna to call me you baby (yeah~)是吧?我...

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