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找一首歌 开头是女声is thAt to you For 后边没听...

我猜楼主想听的歌其实是《dream it possible》,这是张靓颖的歌~ 你搜的应该是里面的那一段“Its not until you fall that you fly,When your dreams come alive you’re unstoppable”

dream it possible

歌曲: You 歌手: Mya 专辑: 《Moodring》 I didn't know you'd change my world around When you came into my life I found That what I've been searchin' for for years Is standing right in front of me Friend you were to me Whenever yo...

Nothing' gonna change my love 高潮部分

Delacey-Dream It Possible 铃声的第一句就是。

Every girl?


blow me a kiss

我也在找,依稀记得那首歌的歌名像是pink,但是又一直找不到,那个是韩文歌还是什么,记得好像有I wanna to love love for you,I wanna to love love for you.....oh,my bo ..oh ..baby yooo hooo I wanna to call me you baby (yeah~)是吧?我...

high么?high就是它了。。 歌名。here with you 歌手。Asher Book To all my friends The night is young The music’s loud They playing our song Nowhere else that I belong Than here with you Than here with you Oh oh oh oh ~~~~~ Ain’t ...

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