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有一首歌歌词开头里有i Am A gooD Boy叫什么歌女生...

GOOD BOY 作词: G-DRAGON 作曲:G-DRAGON, FLIPTONES, FREEDO 编曲:G-DRAGON 演唱:GD X TAEYANG Put your hands in the air How y’all feeling out there We gon' party over here 모두 같이 大家一起 sing it let me...

good boy

R.O.D 或者是 GOOD BOY --G-Dragon

GoodBoy 超级好听

gd和太阳的good boy

GD&太阳的《good boy》歌词是i am a good boy

Mr Parker - Emily Grace Mr parker I have to tell you I have loved you for so long And my heart is beating stronger about to calm and down And I don't think I can make it without you by my side Stay with me or I may die Now in t...

输入法改成中文半角状态 在开始对局之后,复制中括号里的文字【I am a good boy】发送2次

bad boy . 有一首歌是GOOD BOY 里面歌词是I am a good boy

GD和太阳的《good boy》里面有歌词是 i am a good boy还有I am a good good

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