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用As wEll造句,两句.

as well as: (除...之外)也,既...又 conj. 以及,又 1. The tournament is open to amateurs as well as professionals. 这次比赛不仅职业运动员可以参加,而且业余运动员也可以参加。 2. Nursing is a vocation as well as a profession. 护理工...

I write my own songs and I play the guitar as well.我唱自己谱曲的歌,也弹吉他。 You must deposit 500 as well as the first month's rent.你必须付500英镑押金及第一个月的租赁费。 Often life is much slower outside the big cities, as...

Ilike apples as well as pears. 我既喜欢苹果又喜欢梨。as well as 前后连接两个并列的事物I like Tom and Tom likes me as well. 我喜欢汤姆而且汤姆也喜欢我。as well 一般放在句尾 表示 也

You would leave in an hour as well

她会打网球 也会打篮球。 She can play tennis as well as basketball. . .

I, as well as my father, am going to visit my grandparents this weekend. 我和我爸爸着周末会去看望祖父母。 During my summer vacation, I went to beijing, as well as Tianjin. 在暑假我去了北京和天津。

As well as breaking his leg, he hurt his arm. 他不仅摔断了腿,而且还伤了胳臂。 I have experience in doing such work 。这种工作我有经验 I am exprienced in cooking 我在烹饪方面有经验 My verdict differ from yours in this matter . ...

We shall defend our city, whatever the cost may be. GongLi is famous not only in china but also in the world. I wondered wwther he had finished his homework or not. Besides French,he learnt English as well.

You might as well eat some. might as well 是“最好...”,“还是...为好”的意思

1、I'm coming and my sister's coming as well. 我要来我妹妹也会来。 2、Thank you in advance.提前谢谢你 3、It's fun of doing it做这件事很有趣 4、The storm is spent. 暴风雨已经过去。 5、She persuaded me into buying it. 她说服我买...

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