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英语ArE youColD是什么意思?

Are you cold?意思是:你冷吗? 解释: you 英[ju] 美[jə] pron. 你; 大家; 你们,您们; 各位; [例句]Getting good results gives you confidence 取得好的结果会给人以信心。 cold 英[kəʊld] 美[koʊld] adj. 寒冷的; 冷淡...

Do you feel cold 是真确的 Feel 是一个动词,用 do来提问 如果用 be动词来提问则用: Are you feeling cold now?(现在进行时)

yes,I am

Aren't you cold? 你不冷吗? Are you not cold? 同上 Don't you feel cold? 你不觉得冷吗? Are you cold? 你冷吗? Do you feel cold? 你觉得冷吗? Is it cold in here? 这里冷吗? It is cold in here 这里冷 It is chilly. chilly 冷的让人...



你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: the heart is full of you butwhy are you so cold. 我的心充满了你可你为什么这么冷淡。 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳。

you're like snow beautiful but cold 你像雪一样美丽但无情 cold 英[kəʊld] 美[koʊld] adj. 寒冷的; 冷淡的,无情的; 失去知觉的; [艺] 有冷感的,冷色的; n. 寒冷; 感冒,伤风; adv. 完全地; [其他] 比较级:colder 最高级:co...

是这首歌吧!歌词是:”Cause you're hot then you're cold,You're yes then you're no。“ Katy Perry - 《Hot N Cold》 You change your mind Like a girl changes clothes Yeah you, PMS Like a bitch I would know And you over think Always...

on his head for a quarter of a minute

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