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建议你这样试试看: 这样做的好处: 注意事项:

1, doesn’t 改为didn’t 2, milks 改为 milk 3, taking 改为 take 4, others 改为 else 5, is 改为 are

要仔细阅读全句,真正搞懂这句话所表达的真实含义和与下面几句选择的彼此关系。 集中精力考虑划线部分,找出划线部分中的可能错误,然后通读下面的五个选项。 认真阅读每一个选项。由于选项A总是与划线部分相同,因此可以跳过去。 将所选的答案...


把第二个who改成that或者去掉 以who开头的疑问句中,为避免重复,指人时用that而不用who

1 informations——information(不可数); 2 German(德国的,德国人)——Germany(德国) 3 of my father——of my father's(我爸爸的) 4 beautifual place——beautifual a place 5 what a terrible——what terrible 6 an European country——a Euro...

应改为: 1.I lost the book( I had ) bought the day before. 2.The bus had gone when I arrived at the bus stop. 3.Tom had thought of visiting his grandmother,but the bad weather made him change his mind. 4.In the future,robots wi...

1. My father impressed on me the importance of hard work.(value译价值吗?如果是通常都是跟钱有关,或者值不值的问题吧,如果译重要性,用importance更顺吧) 2. To tell you the truth,I prefer English to any other subjects.(subjec可数...

改错题就是改搭配啊! Thomas joined in the army last year.去掉in,join是及物动词,直接跟army/Party/League等 Driving is also great importance. also---also of be of 。。。的 3. They were tiring after a long day’s hard work. tiring-...

1, D does 后面跟动词原形,come 2,B ,两个都是单数形式,are改为is 3,A what 改为why 4,C 改为 a little ,一点点不可数 5,B can后面跟动词原形,walk

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