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要仔细阅读全句,真正搞懂这句话所表达的真实含义和与下面几句选择的彼此关系。 集中精力考虑划线部分,找出划线部分中的可能错误,然后通读下面的五个选项。 认真阅读每一个选项。由于选项A总是与划线部分相同,因此可以跳过去。 将所选的答案...

This is the very place that/which we visited many years ago?

为你解答。 1、The children were running on the playground as fast as they can. 改:can-could 解释:主句是过去进行时,从句也应该是过去时,保持一致。 2、Since her husband had died, so she had to support her family. 改:把so去掉。...

climb 前加to more去掉 had该为have Although和but去掉其一 terrible 改为terriblly far去掉 lonely改为alone get 改为getting because后加of into去掉 保证正确

建议你这样试试看: 这样做的好处: 注意事项:

1-----The Johnsons have just moved into a large house and are planning to buy many new pieces of furniture. 原因: 家具Furniture不可数名词 2-----By 2050.scientists will surely have discovered a cure for AIDS. 原因: surly与must...

There is no class on Saturday afternoon. I'm going to the park.周六下午没课 The guitar player and the drummer took their bows. 吉他手和鼓手鞠了一躬。有when这句话就不是一句完整的话,只能是状语从句,后面不能加句号 The day started...

related departments should impose strict restrictionS on the amount of emissions OF waste materialS 1 the related department a) related departments 用复数, b) 去掉冠词,没有特指 2 restriction 是可数名称,加s 3 waste material‘s ...

1,应该用more than人口多比人口大合适 2. 也应该用more than记起我更多 3. 加个in the area 面积大于 4,改成he saw his mother more than his father 5.

第一句eats换成eat 第二句eating换成eat 第三句tomato换成tomatos

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