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I'll appreciate it very much if you could help me(或lend me a hand). it作形式宾语,指代“你帮我”这件事

If you can accept my advice, I would be very grateful

I will appreciate it if teacher can help me improve my English.

1. We will be thrilled to receive your next letter. be thrilled to 是高兴万分地去什么。 2. I can't thank you enough if you could kindly close my door for me. 我将不胜感激若你可以帮我关门。 们。 用kindly比较更有礼貌。

I will appreciate it so much if you can take my advice. 就这么简单哦。

我非常感激你的帮助。I really appreciate your help.我非常感激你的帮助。Your help is highly appreciated.我非常感激你的帮助。I greatly appreciate your help.我非常感激你的帮助。I greatly appreciated your help.

I am very grateful to you for your help.

I'm truly grateful for his help.

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If you have any other difficulties, feel free to come to me and I will try my best to help you

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