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你好! 这里waste 是打败的意思,这里意译为俘虏。 参考如下: 而我被俘虏的心将会爱着你。 地道的翻译就不能直译。 百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答 如满意,请点击“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢~

就填pick up

First,music plays a important part in our life. (1)Music is used to develop children's intelligent language.And it's regarded as a direct tool to make children develop intelligently. (2)Music makes old people young and full of ...

I chose them because they are certain of a warm, sexy, stylish, innovative, creative qualities of these is that they jumped to the street all the way from the mainstream hip-hop scene as the leader to lead the pace of the trend...

we except our pupils to do their best , not their least ,and we give them every encouragement to attain this goal. 我们期望我们的学生们全力以赴,而不是浅尝辄止,而且我们会尽量鼓励学生们实现这个目标。 希望能够采纳!

I have had ETS to send my TOEFL score to the schools long before. Haven't they got it yet? I am very sorry for the inconvenience brought to you. I will ask ETS to send the score as soon as possible.

He becomes the leader of the football team.

由于各自的技术/操作文化,再加上在很多当代的大财团里也没有真正意义上的领军人物,市场战略思维在过去是微不足道的(/急剧缺乏的/需要加强的)。 要搞清楚这句话到底是在说什么,减缩下来就是“Straegic marketing thinking was absent。”-----...

哪两句?帮你翻译了一整段 Drama in session, through dialogue and monologue character to unfold the storyline, characters, convey thoughts and feelings. But in dramatic dialogue behind tend to have subtle underlying meaning, acto...

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