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厌倦be tried of 放弃give up

“厌倦”的英文是:boredom,be weary of,be tired of,be sick of...,ennui 1、boredom (1)释义:无聊;厌烦;厌倦;令人厌烦的事物 (2)例句:Unemployment can drive you mad with boredom.失业会让你无聊得发疯。 2、be weary of (1)释...

sb. be bored (with sth.)表状态 sb. get tired with sth.表动作 sth. be boring (to sb.)某物很令人厌倦

grow / be tired of 这在特别受害者司的案例中很常见,因为人们会对询问感到厌烦,对回顾那些事件感到疲倦. That happens often in special victims cases whenpeople grow tired of the questioning and weary ofreliving the event. 2.get bored...

同意3L的观点```! 增加英文学习兴趣事实上是一件狠简单的问题`` 因为英语是一项语言性的学科,日常生活中经常要用到的哦!``` 可以适当的记忆一些语法方面的问题,很多知识点都是一通百通的``` 对学习产生厌倦的时候嘛``就听听歌,放松放松,也可以...

be bored with sth. 翻译

Sometimes we will be tired of learning, but please don't give up easily. 有时候我们会厌倦学习,但请不要轻易放弃

你好! 我厌倦了我的工作 I'm tired of my job

Be/ get tired of the bustle 对热闹厌倦 be tired from the bustle of city life 因城市生活的喧嚣而厌倦。 be / get tired of:对……厌倦。例如:I am really tired of your words! (你的话我听腻了!) be tired from:因……疲倦。例如:I was so...

I'm tired of this life

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