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leisure time 休闲 休闲[xiū xián] 词典 arder;  lie fallow 网络 Casual;  Leisure;  Recreational 我还买了些周末穿的休闲装。 I also bought some casual clothes for the weekend. 周六午后是休闲和外出游玩的时间。 Saturda...

Leisure & quot。 When I don't work, I like to wear casual clothes. 不工作的时候,我喜欢穿的休闲一些。Business casual is the dress code at my office.我们办公室的着装要求是商务休闲。It's difficult for me to be casual about that....




休闲区 leisure area recreational areas relax zone

leisure time spare time

户外桌椅休闲的英文翻译_百度翻译 户外桌椅休闲 Outdoor leisure leisure_百度翻译 leisure英[ˈleʒə(r)] 美[ˈli:ʒər] n.闲暇; 悠闲; 空闲时间; 安逸; adj.闲暇的; 空闲的; [例句]You will be able to stroll at l...

ce frumoasa e iubirea avril lavigne - when you're gone candy - bila confidence_sarah_riani Tata Young-crush on you epikhigh - love love love - 酷狗才有 Kate Havnevik-homesound Gia Farrell-i been hopin Mirah_Gotta_Go_Home One Fo...

My Life 我的生活 Hello! Everybody. Let me tell you about my life. My life is very busy. But it’s very happy. I often watch TV on weekends, but I don’t watch TV on weekdays. I do my homework everyday. I do sports three or four t...

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