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Space time Bar

休闲区 leisure area recreational areas relax zone

ce frumoasa e iubirea avril lavigne - when you're gone candy - bila confidence_sarah_riani Tata Young-crush on you epikhigh - love love love - 酷狗才有 Kate Havnevik-homesound Gia Farrell-i been hopin Mirah_Gotta_Go_Home One Fo...

My holiday was good.I stayed at home for sometime.I went to Tianyi Square and bought same games.But one day,my monther,my younger brother and I went to Tianyi digital square to buy games.And I bought a new uniform in the evenin...

准确的应该是“Casual wear ”或“Casual clothing ”。

Hello! Everybody. Let me tell you about my life. My life is very busy. But it’s very happy. I often watch TV on weekends, but I don’t watch TV on weekdays. I do my homework everyday. I do sports three or four times a week. I wa...

1.逻辑记忆:通过词的本身的内部逻辑关系,词与词之间的外部逻辑关系记忆单词。1)把几个字母看作做一个来记 如:"ight" light, right, fight, night, might, sight, tight 2)外旧内新,如:bridge “桥”看成 b+ridge ridge "山脊”sharp 看成 s+ha...

rest room

Leisure Bar Luxurious Bar club也可以

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