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leisure time 休闲 休闲[xiū xián] 词典 arder;  lie fallow 网络 Casual;  Leisure;  Recreational 我还买了些周末穿的休闲装。 I also bought some casual clothes for the weekend. 周六午后是休闲和外出游玩的时间。 Saturda...


leisure time spare time


entertainment 英[ˌentəˈteɪnmənt] 美[ˌentərˈteɪnmənt] n. 娱乐节目; 娱乐,消遣; 招待,款待; [例句]There were feasts and banquets, theatrical entertainments and sporting competitio...

RPG= Role-playing Game∶角色扮演游戏 ACT= Action Game∶动作游戏 AVG= Adventure Game ∶冒险游戏 SLG= Strategy Game∶策略游戏 RTS=Real-Time Strategy Game:即时战略游戏 FGT= Fighting Game∶格斗游戏 STG= SHOTING GAME∶射击类游戏 FPS=Fi...

休闲区 leisure area recreational areas relax zone

ce frumoasa e iubirea avril lavigne - when you're gone candy - bila confidence_sarah_riani Tata Young-crush on you epikhigh - love love love - 酷狗才有 Kate Havnevik-homesound Gia Farrell-i been hopin Mirah_Gotta_Go_Home One Fo...

准确的应该是“Casual wear ”或“Casual clothing ”。

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