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休闲 英文

leisure time 休闲 休闲[xiū xián] 词典 arder;  lie fallow 网络 Casual;  Leisure;  Recreational 我还买了些周末穿的休闲装。 I also bought some casual clothes for the weekend. 周六午后是休闲和外出游玩的时间。 Saturda...




leisure time spare time

were going east so fast — we gained just about enough every day to

Leisure Bar Luxurious Bar club也可以

My Life 我的生活 Hello! Everybody. Let me tell you about my life. My life is very busy. But it’s very happy. I often watch TV on weekends, but I don’t watch TV on weekdays. I do my homework everyday. I do sports three or four t...

Leisure \ Entertainment

休闲区 leisure area recreational areas relax zone

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