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想学习AS WELL AS句型,谁谁帮帮我,我该怎么用哪个...

as well as 也;和…一样;不但…而且 He plays the guitar as well as you. 他的吉他弹得和你一样好。 together with 和;连同 I held your luggage together with mine. 我把你的行李和我的捆在一起了。

As well是副词短语,其义为“也”,相当于too,它一般放在句末,有时和连词and或but搭配使用。例: Her novels are well written and commercial as well. 她的小说写得好,销路也广。 Mr.Liu can speak English,but he can speak Cantonese as ...

主语:Their parents 谓语:don't know 宾语:them 全句意思:他们的父母不如他们的朋友了解他们。

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