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1. Dear Mr. Li, Your firm has been recommended 1 to us by the Dickson Electrics Company, with whom we have done business for many years. We are interested in your Electric Typewriters for use in offices and shall be glad if you...


Date: April 28th, 2013 Hello Sir, We got your company information at Canton Fair this April and know that you're suppling kinds of clothes. We're one of biggest clothes importer in London and very interested in your products of...

一般外贸公司的函电分为以下大约20种! 1.Establishment of Business Relations 建立贸易关系 2.Enquiry 询盘 3.Reference 资信情况 4.Offers and Quotations 报价及报盘 5.Sales Promotion 促销 6.Order 订货 7.Terms of Payment 支付方式 8.Se...

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