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这是视频的原文,听了几遍,应该没错误! At least 150 people have died and thousands have been injured after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit a remote mountainous area of southwestChina. The earthquake struck in Ya’an city in Sichu...



Not all consumers share the same attitudes toward animal cloning, but the latest research from Sean Fox, Kansas State University professor of a… 详细

The funding difficulty in the minor enterprises has been restricting their development in China. Facing so many difficulties in funding, the key solution is to balance the relationships among the minor enterprises, financial in...

During the war,I have suffered a lot.I set down my experience so I can remember it when I am old.


Μην αφήνετε την οικογένειά μου μαστίζεται από την ασθένεια θα είναι πάντα με τόσο τυχεροί και έχουν ευτυχής, τα παιδιά μου θα έρθει στον κόσμο με τ...

Shakespeare said: "I have long legs stuck in the sea of blood, would like to pull out but not out"

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