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http://thesaurus.reference.com/ 这是在美国大家都用的

good的英文同义词: Great Amazing Brilliant Awesome Fantastic Sensational Terrific Fabulous Excellent Outstanding Graceful Nice Delightful Unbeatable incredible。 good 英[gʊd] 美[ɡʊd] adj. 好的; 优秀的; 有益的; 漂亮的...

同义词: 1.贫穷的:poor = needy = impoverished = poverty-stricken 。 2.富裕的:rich = wealthy = affluent = well-to-do = well-off 。

有很多,如: have a good time =heva a great time =enjoy oneself

英语的同义词是什么 解: 英语没有同义词 延伸: [English] 英国和美国以及大多数英属殖民地和自治领的语言

英语的同义词可以是: 外语。 分析:同义词即意思相同或相近的词语。

also ; either(否定句中末尾eg:He doesn't finish the homeworkand I don't either) ; neither(也不eg:He doesn't finish the homework. Neither do I ); as well (肯定句中也,位于句末)

ought to v.应当,应该 例如:The money to build the power station ought to have been sufficient. 建设电站的资金本该足够了。 have to 不得不,只好,只得,必须 I have to do some washing. 我必须洗洗衣服。 must 必须,一定,一定要 We ...

convenient: a flexible and convenient way of paying for business expenses. …一种灵活方便的支付商务费用的方式。 handy: This manual of college English vocabulary is a handy reference book ; 这本大学英语词汇手册是 一本使用简易方便...

will, by plane are going to, train will, by ship are going to go 连词成句 They will go to Hangzhou by plane.

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