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谁能帮我翻译一下 (综合表现部)(结构专业负责人...

综合表现部:General Performance Department 结构专业负责人:Principal of Structural Profession 给排水工程师:Water Supply & Drainage Engineer 综合表现部是怎样的一个部门,是关于建筑的综合表现还是职工的综合表现? 一楼翻译的是给水...

我把电话转给负责人 这个句子 用英语表达 翻译为 : I transfer the phone to the person in charge.

1、技术服务分公司 Technology Service BR (BR=branch) 2、负责人及审核人 Principal & Verifier. 3、工程项目部 Engineering Project Department

The personels from project group of my company have finished the work in each stage indivadually on their own labor division, then the work will be submitted to check by professional person in charge. changed project approval s...

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