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Confucius is a famous ideologist and educator in China history. He was the founder of Confucianism, who was honored as “sage” in ancient times. His comments and life activities were recorded in a book called Analects. Analects ...

将中文译成英语 People like me listen to songs that evolved into my homework, they also listen. As I think of academic performance is better, so I did not do this thing as the parents of the advice I had heeded only when. Howeve...

In recent years, with the improvement of China's rural economic development and farmers' living standards of rural households produce more and more municipal solid waste. According to the data of the Ministry of Environmental P...

The autumn night long heavy drops, dream difficult into turning bleak. Banana leaf in the Indus, little sound is heartbroken.

My love for you net weighs 21 grams 希望采纳

Hello, I have not received the order in June, I have tried many times to contact your customer service. I have not given a clear answer to it. When will I receive my goods? Or when will you give me a refund? Thank you

Remember when I was 5 years old the day night, dad taught in Shanghai in the distance, my mother and I live in the home. At night, my mother had a fever, I had a fever and my body temperature up to 39.9. After mother found, des...

1. Once we receive the order,we will generate the order number and upload it to the system immediately. 2. Once the confitmation was uploaded to the system,it will be immediately updated to the order.

Analyse on private and individual firms' population of quantity of employment in each district of cities and towns. Abstract: Population of quantity of employment increased in private and individual firms show that start own bu...

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