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How do you find sth?例句How do you find your new job?你认为你的新工作怎么样? How do you feel about...? What do you think about/of ...? What about...?列句:I'd like a cup of tea. What about you? 我想喝杯茶,你呢? What about ha...

what to do something

make it+adj +to do sth /that +从句


1.How do you like sb/sth? 2.How do you feel sb/sth? 3.What do you think of sb/sth? 4.What do you think about sb/sth?

好处和坏处可以用advantage, disadvantage,还有benefit, drawback。当然还有更直白的 positive/ negative aspect。在写作的时候连成句子,可以用以下几个常见的:One/ A further/ An additional major advantage of... is... 一个/另一个主要好...

我建议 I suggest 我建议 I recommend 我建议 My advice

你好! 各种句型 All kinds of sentence patterns

Don't/ Didn't/Doesn't/ Isn't/ wasn't........等等,很多的,可以通过改变助动词有多个,如: Don't you think it is right?难道你认为这是错误的吗?

英语提建议的句型 第一句:If I were you, I would not smoke. 我要是你的话,就不抽烟。 这句话的意思直接建议对方不要抽烟,是一个非常好的提建议的句子。 第二句:What can you make a person happy, in your opinion? 在你看来什么可以使一个...

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