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求英文翻译 大学生社团工作的证明 急求!在线等

prove We have a public school of management at XXXXX professional XXX (student number 11111111) in June 2012 to June 2013 at XX university XX, vice-president of the club. Hereby certify XXX university college of humanities and ...

Professional Translation below-mentioned: College Student Community Better search from the Internet for your reference. Good luck to you !

league student groups 我上麻省理工网站,他们都这样表示。。。 具体到什么社团,就用club了

学生社团联合会一般出现在大学校园,通常简称为“社联”。在一些大学里有称“学社联”或“社联会”、“社团联”,同时也有社团成为“学生团体”,故“团联”、“校团联”或“团联会”也有使用,大学学生团体联合会。社联的英文名称一般为“Students' AssociationU...

nonprofit organizations,如果是表示学校的社团可以用universities nonprofit organizations

These students ,who are very active and optimistic about university life, join clubs and participate in many activities

Chairman 社团主席 Vice-Chairman社团副主席 Technology Department Manager 技术部部长 Vice Technology Department Manager技术部副部长 Minister of Organizing Committee 活动部部长 Information Department Manager宣传部部长

How should we arrange time at university, handle the relationship between the club activities and learning? Plus the best answer, thank you

club是比较闲适\娱乐性质的俱乐部,可以是舞蹈社团dance club(但是舞蹈社团也可以有其它的名字,看创办人了)。 association是学术性重一些的社团了,或者是义工之类的团体,譬如以某一个专业学生、或者对此专业有兴趣的学生为对象所创办的社团...

社团部:the Association Union

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