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求一篇英语作文,80词左右 要用上mAkE it ADj. For...

When early man invented clothes, he probably wanted to keep warm. I am sure he never intended that it should become as elaborate as it has become today. For many a year,traditional clothes and modern clothes have been in compet...

You make it impossible for me to do the right thing.

没有to sb结构,make it +adj.(for sb.)+to do sth.引导动词不定式逻辑主语只有 for sb 结构;eg. I want to make it clear not to waste time. 而make it clear to you 是 be clear to sb 的固定搭配,和逻辑主语for sb没有关系。

I want to make itknown to you not to waste time. 我要让你知道不要浪费时间。 I will make it easier for people to use computers. 我要让人们更容易地使用电脑。 They should make it clear for us to know how to operate the machine. 他...

for 是介词,介词后面的动词形式一定是doing

答:I think it easy to learn English. 此句中的it是形式宾语,不定式短语to learn English为真正的宾语。 此句相当于I think it is easy to learn English. 此句则为think后接一宾语从句。

It‘s easy for me to do homework. 很高兴为你解答,如果还有其他的问题请追问我。 ~171819sss随时为你解答。 ~如果你感觉我的回答很好,请轻轻的点击右下角的【采纳为满意回答】. ~你的肯定是我最大的快乐。 ~教育科学团(土豆)为你解答。

第一个是it对于sb是Adj这样的,即什么对于某人是怎样怎样的。 大二个是sb本身是Adi这样的,即形容此时形容sb本身的。 这是我的记忆。

It is necessary for us to study English hard.It is kind of you to help us.若形容词是描述不定式行为者的性格、品质的,如kind,good,nice,right,wrong,clever,careless,polite,foolish等,用of sb.。 若形容词仅仅是描述事物,不是...

Unit 6 I’m watching TV. newspaper n .报纸 read a newspaper 看报纸 use v.使用;运用 Soup n.汤 make soup做汤 wash v.洗 movie n.电影 go to movies看电影 just adv .只是;恰好 eat out 出去吃饭 house n.房子 drink v..喝n.饮料 tea n.茶...

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