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求一篇英语作文,题目为ClothEs mAkE A mAn,最好原创



Clothes Make the Man Friends,have you ever heard of the old Chinese saying,Clothes Make the Man?What's your understanding of it?Well,I suppose that it's true.The causes are following.First,a man's appearance is made up of many ...

Clothing in my closet can be classified according to the occasion you wear them as formal wear, work wear,leisure wearand sports wear.This classification is in fact a very good habit which helps me to save much time when I am b...

填making 说明: at是介词,后面的动词转换成动名词形式! be good at擅长

i make clothes for men的中文翻译_ i make clothes for men 我为男人做衣服


clothes make the man 是成语“人靠衣装佛靠金装”的意思 这边Clothes don't make the man. 表达一种观点就是 不能仅靠其衣服外表来论断一个人的高低。


clothes do not make the man 人不在衣装 网络释义 1. 人不在衣装。 2. 人不在衣装. 3. 衣冠不能造人品。 4. 衣装不能造就人。 5. 人品怎么样,不在衣着

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