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It is the only Ferris wheel in the world that's built on a bridge. It has a diameter of 110 meters. From the top of the wheel, which is some 120 meters from the ground (the equivalent of a 35 story-high building), one can have ...

暴の嶬擇猟娠蠅藁淙造没簟気垢襪海函△修靴鳶卜兇魍屬討詈吠造鮗つけることです。 暴はこの朕炎に鬚韻鴇匯鵜適薦していきたいです。


Politic Double Bridge: It is also named as Porch Bridge for the porch roof there. It is said it is customary that men should stick to the left side and women the right side when they are walking on the bridge. And first walk on...

厘音氏鍬咎 析弗傍阻祥頁咀葎厘断壓為業逸繁鍬咎侭參弗儘弗純穎匍脅孀音欺垢恬阻



Ma Rong, je t'aime, je voudrais passer ma vie ┐ tes côt└s. 瀧蘚頁嶄猟兆忖珊頁隈猟兆忖

1。徽短嗤繁鳩俳仇岑祇嗤謹富圻嗟托壓宸翠甥撃議輿仇嚥肇定屓軒距臥,壓1998定序佩,圓霞補竃忖噴叮欺160叮涌。 2 . Bypumping階狛耽爺100嵐涌刈姥隆栖twothree叱噴定,嗄傍宀蕗各,麿断議忽社辛嬬受貫紐蒙唖性荻序笥equivalentto侭嗤竃歯欺胆忽。...

Qian Shaochang once pointed out that the film translation has something in common with literature translation, the translator should require of batted on translation, master "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance", the prin...

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