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On the basis of rapid economic development, people began to pursue the spiritual and cultural construction. Emerging cultural industry chain, the animation industry in the country, is still a fairly new type of industry, but al...

你急用我就先抽空帮你翻译吧! ยินดีต้อนรับสู่โรงเรียนของเร&#...


每当我感到疲惫时,会听你的歌 나의 지친 때마다 느낄 때 당신 노래 듣고

brave heart就是 Cor Virtus 下面句话 就是 Somnium potest facere homines forties et intrepides.

Girl, no matter where are you, my heart is still toward you, perhaps, I still very immature, but in any case, please let me continue to love you..... 求采纳。

Hwang tyan hwei


I am sorry for answering your letter so late because we are off on weekends in Japan, we begin to work today. I can only speak Japanese and I am learning English now. please forgive me if I make some trouble for you. you said t...

中文:殷玥 韩语:은모 罗马音:EUN MO 希望会对你有所帮助,有什么问题的话请及时追问!满意的话记得要采纳哟......

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